P.S.I. Fluid Power has the largest fluid power design and fabrication capability in Western Canada to bring proprietary innovations to life. Skilled designers use intelligent engineering under complete confidentiality to bring change, growth, and solutions to a vast array of sectors.

As global demand for greener technology broadens, P.S.I. Fluid Power responds with a threefold approach. The company can convert an existing system to save fuel or electricity; can design a more efficient system for emissions reduction; and can work with companies that can utilize grants to make their systems more efficient.

The company’s service offering includes installation and commissioning of all new systems and troubleshooting or upgrading of existing systems on-site. Full service bays, test benches, machining equipment, and a full ranging of testing equipment at each branch means P.S.I. Fluid Power clients are up and running as quickly as possible

Our design team can turn your ideas into reality. 

Our fabrication team has extensive experience in fabricating mobile and industrial equipment.

We provide a complete system that can meet  certification requirements including CWB, CSA and DNV to name a few..